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Broker cooperation guidelines

Farm & Ranch Realty appreciates your interest in our properties and we eagerly anticipate collaborating with you based on the guidelines outlined below: 1. Property Inquiries: When inquiring about a specific listing, please provide the property reference number along with any additional details or questions you may have. 2. Viewing Appointments: To schedule a viewing appointment, kindly reach out to our office during business hours. Our team will be happy to accommodate your request and arrange a suitable time for you to visit the property. 3. Cooperation with Agents: We encourage working alongside real estate agents to ensure a smooth and efficient process. If you are already represented by an agent, kindly introduce them to us so that we may establish a professional collaboration. 4. Financial Pre-Approval: Prior to proceeding with a sale, it is advisable to obtain a financial pre-approval from a reputable institution. This will not only expedite the transaction but also demonstrate your seriousness as a potential buyer. 5. Offer Submission: When ready to make an offer, please submit it in writing to our office. Include all relevant details, such as proposed price, contingencies, and desired closing timeline. We will promptly review and respond to your offer. 6. Negotiations: Our team will engage in negotiations on your behalf, striving for a satisfactory outcome for both parties involved. We will keep you informed throughout the process and seek your approval on any proposed changes or counter-offers. 7. Contractual Obligations: Should your offer be accepted, we will draft a legally binding contract outlining the terms and conditions of the sale. It is important to thoroughly review and seek legal counsel before signing the agreement. 8. Closing Process: We will assist you in navigating the closing process, ensuring that all necessary steps are completed accurately and in a timely manner. Our team will coordinate with all parties involved, including lenders, attorneys, and inspectors. Farm & Ranch Realty values open communication and transparency during every stage of the real estate process. We are committed to providing a positive experience for our clients and look forward to working together on achieving your property goals.

1. Commissions for each listing may differ, thus our office typically splits the commission equally between both parties, usually at a rate of 50% each.

2. In certain instances, you may serve as a referring agent/broker and earn a referral fee of 20% on the buyer/seller side of the commission when the escrow is successfully closed within one year. However, if the referred buyer returns after one year and completes a property transaction, no referral fee will be provided.

3. All agents/brokers who collaborate with us must possess a comprehensive understanding of agriculture and agricultural properties. We kindly request this as a precautionary measure to avoid any potential liability arising from the dissemination of incorrect information or the omission of crucial details that could potentially increase our liability. In the event that we choose not to cooperate directly but instead provide a referral, further discussion and a final decision will be made at our earliest convenience.

4. Prior to granting access to the property, it is imperative that your client's registration on your official letterhead is completed, declaring you as their exclusive agent. Additionally, before you register your buyer(s), it is crucial to inquire whether:
(a) Your potential client should be made aware that they are being registered as your potential client for the specific listing of Farm & Ranch Realty that you are currently showcasing.
He or she needs to be asked if they have already been shown the property by someone else, and if they are already working with Farm & Ranch Realty. In case there is a conflict between external brokers, priority will be given to the buyer's preferred broker and to the broker who has initiated an offer. If your potential client is already working with Farm & Ranch Realty, we will not acknowledge them as your potential client unless you have a written and fully executed exclusive broker agreement with them.

5. In the event that you decide to engage the services of third-party brokers, it will be your responsibility to cover their compensation using your portion of the commission or referral fee.

6. I will provide an informational package for each ranch, which should be used in its entirety without any modifications, unless we give our permission. Our packages are comprehensive and contain very little missing information. In the rare event that something is missing, we will happily provide it for you.

7. In the event that any other agent or broker, or their respective clients, directly contacts my client without obtaining my consent during the listing period, the collaborating agent or broker will forfeit any entitlement to a share of the commission or referral fee.

We provide these properties with the ability to correct any errors, remove a property from the market due to a prior sale, or withdraw it from the market for any necessary conditions.
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